“I have known Nicole for nearly 20 years and she has my full support. Nicole’s broad experience and love for our community will serve the citizens of Indian River County well as our next County Court Judge.” – IRC County Commissioner, Joe Flescher


“Nicole has the experience and temperament needed to be a successful County Judge. She’s seen every angle of a courtroom and I have the utmost confidence in her ability to be a fair and effective judge.” – IRC County Commissioner, Peter O’Bryan



“We support Nicole for Indian River County Judge.”Donald and Mike Hart



Retired Judge of Compensation Claims, Donna Remsnyder, proudly supports Nicole Menz


Proud to have the support of retired Army Master Sergeant Andrea Coy. She served on the Sebastian City Council from 2005-2017. During that time she served as both the Vice Mayor and the Mayor. Thank you for all of your service.



“In 23 years, Nicole has served as a prosecutor, a private practitioner and has presided over traffic court. That depth of experience is why I fully endorse Nicole Menz for Indian River County Judge.”

-Indian River Shores Public Safety Department Chief Richard Rose



Paul Amos  Becky Barlow  Jeffrey Battista  Vincent James Benincasa  Brooke M. Benzio

Randall Brennan     Brook Butler     Lisa Call     Linda Capobianco     David M. Carter

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Atwood Taylor     Lisa Thompson     Thomas W. Tierney     Karen Tufte


Sebastian Police Chief Michelle Morris

 “I have worked with Nicole Menz for over 23 years as both a prosecutor and as an attorney in private practice. I have witnessed first hand, her dedication to the citizens of Indian River County through her public service.  Nicole Menz is committed to the rule of law and I proudly endorse her for Indian River County Judge.”  Sebastian Police Chief Michelle Morris


Sheriff Wayne Ivey

“Nicole Menz is one of the best prosecutors I’ve worked with. She has the temperament, knowledge and integrity needed to be an excellent judge. Nicole has earned my endorsement for County Judge because she truly understands that a good relationship between law enforcement and the citizens is crucial in maintaining a safe community.” – Sheriff Wayne Ivey